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What is Petrolectable?

Growing up, our family car was an Acacia Green (Akaziengrün) E30 BMW 316i, and that was all it took for a love affair with all things petrol driven to begin. As time went by, the affinity for cars grew stronger, and, matched with a flair for design, the humble roots of Petrolectable were conceived.


We are a homage to all things driven by a mechanical engine. Our prints are created with meticulous detail, from first hand material such as photographs and videos, and our content is made simply to pay tribute to and celebrate the automobile, aircraft and motorbike.

Our mission is to bring the industrial beauty of cars and aircraft to your home or office, without a single compromise to your style or decor.

So buckle up, start that engine and let those pistons move, because it's time to hit the road with Petrolectable. 


Being ferried around in this beautiful E30 316i ignited a true love for cars, particularly those hailing from Munich, Germany. The blue and white roundel fast became a mainstay, whilst the sweet scent of four star leaded fuel gave way to a somewhat less intoxicating aroma in the form of unleaded petrol.

Fuel your passion with Petrolectable.

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